After a long period of practice at the top ramen shop. President, Yuta Ito set up the first shop of ‘Ramen taifu.’ at Bunkyo-ku Tokyo. Then became the talk between the ramen-fan cycle and called by an undiclosed famous ramen shop.


‘Ramen Taifu.’ was chosen for the ramen selection by the ramen reviewer, Hideyuki Ishigami. Popularity was ensured through the media reports.


For the new possibility, we decided to move forward to the world and Hong Kong is the first place. Many customers feel sad about it, as the shop in Japan will be closed indefinitely.


The first shop of Ramen taifu. in Hong Kong opened at Tuen Wan. It was the first ramen shop that using fish based tonkotsu soup as the main. It has been the boom for a while.


Many media are competing to report, then become famous overnight.


Ramen taifu. Tuen Wan hold the 1st anniversary event, a crowd of people come for the limited special ramen. Every anniversary event held after also like a grand occasion.


The second shop of ramen taifu opened at Mong Kok. Tsukemen for lunch time and ramen for dinner time. It become the first double crop shop in Hong Kong.


With the expectation of taifu. fans in Japan, Ramen taifu. return to Japan with a step further. The new shop in Japan opened at Kakigaracho, Nihonbashi, Tokyo. With the brand new concept, crab and pork bone collaboration for the soup. Aim to create the new trend of ramen.


Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s Third branch 'Taifu. ' has officially opened. Combining 7 Years of ramen experiences, now continuing to challenge new generations of fish based tonkotsu soup.